What is counselling and will it help me?

People have counselling for a number of different reasons - you could be feeling low, depressed, stressed or anxious about something, or be struggling with a relationship breakdown, past or present abuse, bereavement, family problems, money worries, work-related problems or many other things. You may not be able to label the way you feel but if you feel things aren’t right, counselling may help.


Counselling offers an opportunity for you to talk in confidence and to reflect on anything causing you anxiety. A counsellor won’t tell you what to do but will listen carefully to what you have to say and work with you towards a better understanding of your situation and how you’re feeling.


You’ll probably find this brings some relief and you may then be able to make changes in your life. Often quite small changes can make a big difference. Counselling may also help you come to terms with things you cannot or do not wish to change.

What happens in a counselling session?

We will invite you in for an initial assessment, after which you will be assigned to a counsellor appropriate to your needs and your availability. It will normally be about a week before your counselling begins.


We offer a wide variety of counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches but whatever the approach we seek to empower the client by allowing them the room to talk and be listened to.


By keeping to the basic conditions of the therapeutic relationship, being present with the client and taking time to discuss the client's issues we aim to help the client to move forward out of rigid self-concepts to a more dynamic way of being.




All the help and support that we offer remains confidential within the person attending to you. This means that we do not disclose any   verbal or written information about you to others without your consent.


Confidentiality is subject to certain legal constraints. There are also rare occasions when the rule of confidentiality might be waived. Whenever possible, this would be discussed with the client first.


 We keep written information on clients as part of good professional practice.

We are committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity. We understand that equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination are fundamental rights for all personnel who provide high quality, professional and affordable counselling to the diverse community of people in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.


We are committed to ensuring that all persons will not be discriminated against on the grounds of social circumstances, age, sex, race, religion or belief and disability.

We monitor and evaluate our service to you.  We track our progress in service through random statistical  evaluations.


The Clients are involved in the development of the service by giving a detailed feedback on the service that they have experienced.

Clients complete a questionnaire at the beginning and end of counselling.  By responding to the perceptions, suggestions and constructive criticisms, we are in a position to modify and develop the service that clients receive.  In this way, clients are sure to get the service that is best fitted to their needs.


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